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Bridging the gab between Parents and School.

Take your school to cloud 9 with eSchool!

MISA is completely cloud based solution. This means, there is no time missed with School updates and contact time with Teachers. No matter where and when, parents can access children’s’ details all day, all year round without the need to call the school.

Awesome App Features

All features have been carefully designed to bring Parents and Schools the best interaction Possible for the best interest of children.

Schools Managment

Permission-based platform, providing right access level and enhanced security to school’s information.

Fees Management

Automated fees tracking System for keeping parents and School informed of paid and unpaid fees all at a glance.

Subject Management

Simplified setup for Subjects mapping with class and Teachers. MISA eliminates all Manual scheduling.

Class Management

A comprehensive platform for managing Students, Teachers and classes.

Teachers Management

Get to know your child's Teachers and have a direct interaction.

Student Management

Access Students Academic and personal information at one single Place.

Time Management

Realtime Subject schedules available on Mobile for Parents and Teachers.


Parents get to know children’s attendance in realtime. No more bunking.

Exam/Assessment management

Parents get to know which Exams are scheduled, In progress or completed.

Exeat Management

Parents have the convinence of applying for Exeats at the confort of their Homes.

Reports and analytics

No need to flip through several emails and SMS to see child's Performance trends. Its all in one place with MISA Analytics.

Push notification

Do you miss important notifications mixed up with Spam sms and emails. MISA notifation is the right solution.

Contact requests management

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Why choose this?

Nothing has a greater impact on future our children than the success of their educational and moral upbringing. MISA shares the same view and has put this solution togther to make this journey for Parents and Schools as easy as possible

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Premium Support

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MISA's forcus on meeting all your school academic needs.

Lets take a ride to the actual on some of the key functionalities of MISA.


User Experience is one of the core madates of every successful Mobile App and at MISA put its user experience on toptmost priority.


Pricing that fits all pockets. We have tailored our pricing to ensure One cup does not fit it all. Its a one time payment and you only pay for what you need. No Hidden charges


GH¢10 / One Time

  • Access to All features
  • 1 Child
  • full support
  • unimited download

GH¢20 / One Time

  • Access to All features
  • 2 children
  • full support
  • unimited download

GH¢30 / One Time

  • Access to All features
  • 3 + Children
  • full support
  • unimited download


This is what some of our loyal users are saying about MISA. Dont take our word for it. Simply try it today and share your own Testimonial.


Some frequently asked question about MISA solution and Payment plans.

Is this available for any device?

Currently, you can access MISA on Iphone and Android for Both Parent and Teacher. Schools can access School Portals on web platform

When and how do I get billed?

Once your user is created after signing up to MISA through your child's school. You are expected to make a one time payment for the choosen plan

Can pricing be reduced?

We have ensure that there is affordable pricing grouped in three different categories to meet different needs and budget

Do I need to install the App for Different schools of my Children?

Absolutely not! As long as all the Children's school are signed up for MISA, you will need only One Application for all your children.

Is My Data Secured?

All our integration with the user mobile Application and Backend solution are encrypted to ensure maximum security

Do I loose My Data if I change my Phone?

No, you will not loose your data. We ensure that all Data are kept in a secured storage. You only need your user name and password once you reinstall MISA on another Phone.